How is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence changing our approach to marketing and the way we interact with clients

10.02.23 01:26 PM By Valeria


Each day it is more undeniable that A.I. is taking over modern business models by allowing the automation of processes and simplifying how important data is handled. Marketing is not the exception. Focused on new fresh ideas, marketers are always on the look out for tools that allow accurate, easy and real time customer-product feedback. 

Taking decisions based on unfounded facts and risking relationships with clients is no longer a problem. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are helping how marketers acquire,engage and interact with their clients. The possibility of carrying out tasks that where once directly related to human intelligence make A.I. and M.L. the best friend of any marketer that is looking forward to extract valuable information. 

According to based on a study performed in 2020, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was the 4th most effective and popular technique for digital marketing. As the years go by, the percentage of marketers stating this increases. Using these resources helps in the modernization of your organization.

How can you break down information? 

Marketers are responsible for having assertive communication with potential clients. They are the ones in charge of guiding them through the process of becoming a subscriber, recurring customer or partner. The best way to achieve goals is by knowing clients in depth. Being in charge of predicting and analyzing the feedback provided by users makes marketers face Big Data that needs to be broken down into workable amounts. 


How can A.I. help break down information? Interfaces that use Machine Learning to create mechanisms "learn" patterns and use them to predict, recommend and perform specific tasks. It focuses on extracting knowledge and applicable information from the unorganized data. At the same time, implementing these types of tools into their marketing models allows marketers to review and evaluate data in real time which allows them to integrate results into their plans.


Breaking down data and information is the first step to a successful marketing strategy.

How can you take advantage of A.I. and M.L. in your marketing strategy:


You will be able to automate processes and ensure accurate data handling. A.I. and M.L can help when interpreting and extracting information from unorganized text data which allows a broader inspection of the feedback received by users. Programmed algorithms are able to use reason over and learn from the data. Some key examples are:
  1. Sentiment Analysis

To better understand and filter how your clients are reacting to your product you can take advantage of Sentiment Analysis. Citing reference to the word sentiment this model of M.L. allows users to get filtered information based on the overall satisfaction expressed by clients in data such as reviews and feedback. 

Based on specific wording and text, data analysis apps can filter and interpret the information. This avoids tedious manual labor that reduces the risk of losing data.

Filtering keywords within unorganized text can help get insights of user satisfaction. Some example keywords that will allow for the algorithm to create and filter information are: 



  1. Topic Analysis

When you need to extract topic/theme based information from text data running a topic analysis M.L. model becomes your best friend. Need to sort information based on headlines? Is the text about finance, sports or science? This tool allows the possibility of filtering information automatically without missing anything and ensuring you have a full view of the most frequently discussed topic or information in your data.

It can help break down a question or research topic based on keywords used. This can allow the extraction of information like most searched topics within your own website, related information, and trending topics within user comments, reviews and profiles. 

  1. Predictions 

Marketers want to be one step ahead of their clients to ensure their needs and interests are met. Filtered data is needed to make future estimations concerning customer demand over a specific period and streamline the supply demand decision-making process across businesses. New solutions for client and customer needs allows a bigger product outreach that proves growth for businesses, organizations and companies. 

Predictions look into what is coming, automate information to better understand what will be important and relevant between clients based on past actions and conduct patterns. We have all been working through our social media while recommendations based on our previous activity on the app pop-up. They are directly targeted to us based on a series of data that was transformed and analyzed by marketers.

On part 2 we will touch on the benefits and results you can see from implementing A.I. and M.L into your business such as:


- Increase sales

- Handle accurate data

- Generate specific and targeted marketing campaigns

-How to implement into SEO strategy


Streamlining marketing strategies turns out to be beneficial for the relationship with customers. Knowing and attending needs in an efficient, proactive and inclusive manner allows marketers to achieve their main goals: ACQUIRE, KEEP and GROW their community. Artificial Intelligence is not here to replace humans but to assist on tasks that require automation and efficiency. All marketing experts should take very seriously the importance of good data quality and governance as well as how to avoid at all costs data loss.


Achieve the most with what you already have. Turn data into readable, actionable information. Take the advantage that A.I. and M.L. provide and get to know your clients like never before.

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