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Doubling your fundraising dollars using Sentiment Analysis
Fundraising organizations can use Sentiment Analysis to fully comprehend how prospects and donors feel about their brand and experience.
Vijay Arora
14.11.22 10:36 PM - Comment(s)
A data-driven approach to maximizing business value - Part I
Data-driven decision-making is the practice of using insights derived from the data to make a better decision!
Vijay Arora
14.11.22 10:19 PM - Comment(s)
A data-driven approach for fundraising growthPart II
A data-driven approach to fundraising. How do fundraisers use data? Fundraising metrics to help boost donations and success strategies.
Vijay Arora
14.11.22 09:59 PM - Comment(s)
How companies are using data and information to make smart operational decisions
Every business, before jumping on the data collection bandwagon, need to develop a data strategy. Any company that is collecting data without a coherent strategy needs to pause and develop one.
Vijay Arora
14.11.22 09:00 PM - Comment(s)
8 Ways on applying Deep Learning into various business use-cases.
Deep learning, as the fastest-growing field of AI, is enabling significant development in all types of new sectors.
Vijay Arora
13.11.22 09:48 PM - Comment(s)
Why do most data science projects never make it to production?
Most large firms are looking at the possibilities of AI/ML, but data science fails to take things to the next level.
Vijay Arora
13.11.22 08:53 PM - Comment(s)
Identifying a Business Use Case fit for Data Science
Business use cases harness data science to help business users to make sense of how Big Data methods can be put to use in their organization.
Vijay Arora
09.11.22 11:31 PM - Comment(s)