Ontology is the philosophical study of existence, being, and reality. In other words, ontology is the investigation of the most basic categories of things and how they are related to one another.
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Untangling the Hairball of Data
There are measures in terms of processes, people and technology that an organization would need to take in order to untangle the data hairball.
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Use of Data Science in Prospect Research
Data Science, is the most in-demand nowadays because the industry is growing quickly in that field, and it is also a career path for the majority of skilled professionals.
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Doubling your fundraising dollars using Sentiment Analysis
Fundraising organizations can use Sentiment Analysis to fully comprehend how prospects and donors feel about their brand and experience.
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A data-driven approach to maximizing business value - Part I
Data-driven decision-making is the practice of using insights derived from the data to make a better decision!
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A data-driven approach for fundraising growthPart II
A data-driven approach to fundraising. How do fundraisers use data? Fundraising metrics to help boost donations and success strategies.
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Big Data Analytics: How to Handle It
Simply said, the optimal use of Big Data is inside systems and processes that decrease data footprints significantly. What are the benefits of reducing your data footprint?
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How companies are using data and information to make smart operational decisions
Every business, before jumping on the data collection bandwagon, need to develop a data strategy. Any company that is collecting data without a coherent strategy needs to pause and develop one.
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How to Tame Big Data analytics
How to Tame Big Data Analytics
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Log4j Vulnerability
The internet vulnerability Log4Shell, which affects millions of machines, is caused by Log4j, an obscure but practically ubiquitous piece of software.
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8 Ways on applying Deep Learning into various business use-cases.
Deep learning, as the fastest-growing field of AI, is enabling significant development in all types of new sectors.
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Why do most data science projects never make it to production?
Most large firms are looking at the possibilities of AI/ML, but data science fails to take things to the next level.
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Six degrees of Kevin Bacon in Prospect Research
Knowledge graphs are comparable to the concept of six degrees of Kevin Bacon with how it forms a network of relationships between two or more entities.
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The top use cases of Machine Learning in the retail industry
Retail goes hand in hand with machine learning to forecast market trends and pricing, personalize customers’ experience, and keep consumers engaged.
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Why Data First Matters in Your Enterprise
Data First has been defined as an approach that ensures the highest reach of value through the shortest and most convenient delivery time.
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Enhancing Customer Experience via Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining) is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine whether data is positive, negative or neutral.
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Poor data quality can be expensive ​for your company
The impact of poor data quality covers widely from internal operations to customers' view which affects the company's reputation.
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Identifying a Business Use Case fit for Data Science
Business use cases harness data science to help business users to make sense of how Big Data methods can be put to use in their organization.
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